Hello, we're Shots by Nox

Professional Photographers & Videographers

We're happy you want to know more about us! We are Sam and CJ Nox the married couple behind Shots by Nox. Originally, we wanted to just take photos for us as a hobby. That changed the second we clicked our camera for someone else. We won't ever forget the happiness we were able to give them, and that one captured moment changed the course of our lives forever. It stopped being a hobby and became a mission. We want to be able to share that with you. Real happiness, real moments, real stories.

Your Story and Our Story

The day we got married was the absolute best, but leading up to it was stressful. We searched high and low for the right photographer/videographer to capture our wedding. We did eventually find the right ones, but not without a lot of trial and error. So when we began our business we designed it with all of the things we wanted for our wedding in mind. That's why we offer direct pricing with no hidden fees, no limit on the number of photos you get, and 2 professionals in every shoot. For us, it is quality and quantity in the same package. We do it this way because to us, it is about you and your story. We want to be a part of THAT story because it becomes the one we share with you.

Years of Experience and Eyes you can trust.

We've been helping people with their photos for a long long time before we started doing it professionally. Over time we have built a vast community of friends, and hundreds of clients. Within our first 30 days doing this professionally we were certified by Canon and published. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that your special moments are being captured by vetted and experienced professionals. We're here to make you laugh, smile, and give you that one of a kind experience that you will be able to remember. Not just because we caught it on camera, but because we take pride in doing this.